Sweet Memory: Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 LC

Hi MX,, howdy? I hope your condition is always on top and your current owner always change your oil routine.. :V.. it’s been almost 11 years since our first meeting.. and we had always been together for a couple years. For 6 years to be exact..

You are not my 1st love, but you were my first “girl”.. we may not have had even a single picture of us in one frame, but believe me, we had created a bunch of moments, through the good and the bad.. And of course most of the moments that we had together are the nice one.. aaah, sweet 🙂 ..

Do you remember how many girls who had sat on your back seat? To be honest i forget haha.. That was the prettiest part of our story, buddy.. thanks buddy, without you, perhaps i wasn’t able to date them ahaha..

my Jupiter MX 135LC, my partner in crime 😀

the second best part of our togetherness was we traveled to many places in Java.. West to Tangerang, east to Yogyakarta. 2 years in Purwokerto, 4 years in Jakarta. To the city, to the village. To the beaches, to the mountains.. thousand miles!! the distance i had with you.. such a sweet memories..

But sorry for being reckless and not responsible for so many times.. sometimes i pushed you beyond the limit, aaand BUMMMM!!!! we slipped, i fell off on the road, you kept running and fell into the river later.. that was the worst 😦 ..  i’m so sorry..

Last.. Thanks for all the memories that we had shared together.. Good or bad, i’ve learned a lot from those two things. One thing that you have to know, buddy. Although we’re no longer together, you’re still the most memorable motorbike i have ever had. You’re still here, deep inside my heart as my precious “girl”.. you will always be there.. 🙂

Me and Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC ,, 2005 – 2011..


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